Sensible Gambling Online For Real Money

Lets face it, when you are gambling online we look for any help help we can find to win at the casino and keep that cash in our pocket. The casinos job is to take it from you. This site’s intention is to give you the edge you need to beat the casinos using the knowledge we can find. 

Here we will try answer questions like is online gambling legal? Which casino should i pick? How do i know it’s a reputable casino? Is my information safe? If i win will they pay me? How do i get my money? How long does it take?

online gambling
online gambling

Avoid scams! Gambling Online at Legit Online Casinos

Online gambling can be a lot of fun when you know which casino to gamble at. Are they a legit betting site? Are they a legit casino? We help you determine which casinos are legit and which are scams.  The betting establishments we’ve chosen are regulated and licensed by a gambling commission.  They ensure that all bets are legit and all casinos play by the rules. So you know you have a fair chance to win and get paid.

How Online Gambling Bonuses Work

Most casinos offer a welcome bonus to new players. Some even offer a no credit card needed casino no deposit bonus. There’s no shortage of betting sites online with offers. You can double your funds and have twice as much money gambling online. Read the terms of the bonus carefully.  

       If you take a welcome/new player bonus then casinos often have wagering requirements of 20x-50x before they will let you withdraw. This is to ensure people don’t deposit and double then try to withdraw right away. The casinos aren’t into being scammed either.

        ex. You deposit $10. The casino gives you $10 as a new player bonus. You now have $20. With a welcome bonus of 20x it means you would have to gamble through $400 to unlock your money. Read the welcome bonus terms carefully.

       Our preferred bonus is a flexible bonus which doesn’t lock you in at all.  Gambling sites like Betway have such a bonus and will offer them regularly. It means you can withdraw at any time. You will only forfeit that percentage of bonus. This is not the same as a new player bonus

         ex. You deposit  $10 and you take a 100% match bonus. The casino will match your deposit. You’ll have $20 in your account. So lets say you win $500 playing at slots or at blackjack. You’ll be able to withdraw $250 -That’s a $230 profit but the portion in your bonus account ( the other $250) is the casino’s because they matched what you deposited.  You can choose to play through the wagering requirement if you want, and take the whole balance of  $500. 

You've chosen a casino. How do you deposit?

There are many ways to deposit to a casino. Many take credit cards, echeque, interac, paysafecard, netteller, skrill, bank transfers. There are many options. The method we prefer is with a visa prepaid card or paysafecard. Using these methods you don’t need a credit card and you don’t need to transfer from your bank account.

       Paysafecards can be obtained from your local post office. Visa pre-paid cards cards can be picked up at just about any gas station of store. This way you can set your deposit limit by only buying the denomination you are comfortable gambling with.

You've Won! How Do You Withdraw Real Money?

Casinos usually offer the same withdrawal options that they gave you during the deposit process.  You can chose to have it sent right back to your credit card, an online wallet like Skrill or Neteller, or choose to withdraw straight to your bank account using a fast transfer, email transfer, interact, echeck, or bank transfer.

gambling online
gambling on-line

Keep Your Online Gambling In Check

Wether you choose to gamble at an online casino or gamble at a land based casino near you. You should have limits of what you are willing to play with. Set these limits before you deposit. Remember this is real money. Never lose your rent or other bill payments. Gamble what you can afford and don’t get carried away. If you follow our advice, then you will have a lot of fun withdrawing from the casino and laughing all the way to the bank. Gambling online can be great fun if you don’t lose your head with the excitement.

Learn How To Play Your Chosen Casino Game

You can chose to gamble online with blackjack, poker, slots, roulette, scratch cards, carnival type games. The casinos offer hundreds of different slot machines and multiple live tables for blackjack and other games. There’s always a seat and there’s no waiting like there is in land based casinos. Want to sit at a blackjack table by yourself? No problem. Want to sit with a bunch of real people? You can do that as well.

      Give yourself an edge gambling online by reading about betting strategies and winning strategies for the casino.  Slot strategies, blackjack strategies, roulette strategies and how to win at the casino can only improve your chances of leaving the session with some real money in your pocket.

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